Open Hexagonal Webbing


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Our open hexagonal rattan webbing is made from the finest quality, natural rattan material, and is woven in a beautiful, open, hexagonal pattern that is both unique and eye-catching. Our rattan webbing is perfect for a wide range of furniture and decor applications, including chair seats, backs, and sides, as well as cabinet doors, room dividers, and other home accessories.


Product Specifications:


We offer a wide range of sizes and lengths of open hexagonal rattan webbing to choose from. Below are the sizes available with us:


Width Length Square Feet (1 Roll)
16 inches 50 ft 66.66 sqft
18 inches 50 ft 75 sqft
20 inches 50 ft 83.33 sqft
22 inches 50 ft 91.66 sqft
24 inches 50 ft 100 sqft
30 inches 50 ft 125 sqft
36 inches 50 ft 150 sqft