Unleash Creativity: Dive into the Rattan Wonderland with SSK’s Diverse Material Collection



Step into the enchanting world of SSK Rattan Cane, where creativity knows no bounds. Our extensive range of rattan materials is more than just raw elements; it’s an invitation to weave stories, create masterpieces, and redefine spaces. From the classic allure of Rattan Webbing to the strength of Rattan Manau, every strand is a promise of quality and versatility. Join us on a journey through the rich tapestry of rattan possibilities.

1. Rattan Webbing – Elegance Redefined:

  • Where it’s Used: Infuse elegance into your interiors with Rattan Webbing. From wardrobe accents to laminates, this timeless material sets the stage for sophistication.
  • Key Industries: Furniture, Interior Design

2. Rattan Core – Weaving Dreams:

  • Where it’s Used: Weave dreams into reality with Rattan Core. Perfect for basketry and furniture, it’s also the aromatic essence in the perfume industry as Rattan Reeds.
  • Key Industries: Basket Weaving, Furniture, Perfume

3. Rattan Peel – Textured Marvels:

  • Where it’s Used: Elevate your furniture designs with the textured beauty of Rattan Peel. Its weaving capabilities make it an ideal choice for creating intricate patterns.
  • Key Industries: Furniture, Interior Design

4. Rattan Manau – Power in Tradition:

  • Where it’s Used: Harness the strength of tradition with Rattan Manau, the preferred choice for crafting cricket bat handles.
  • Key Industries: Cricket Equipment Manufacturing

5. PVC Rattan Webbing – Outdoor Grandeur:

  • Where it’s Used: Embrace the great outdoors with PVC Rattan Webbing. Designed for durability, it’s the perfect choice for crafting outdoor furniture that stands the test of time.
  • Key Industries: Outdoor Furniture, Garden Design

6. Synthetic Rattan Wire – Futuristic Weaving:

  • Where it’s Used: Explore the future of outdoor furniture with Synthetic Rattan Wire. Its versatility opens doors to contemporary designs for modern outdoor living.
  • Key Industries: Outdoor Furniture, Modern Design

Why Opt for SSK Rattan Cane:

  1. Quality Beyond Compare: Every strand at SSK carries the hallmark of quality. Crafted with precision and care, our rattan materials guarantee durability and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Versatility Unleashed: Whether you’re adorning interiors, crafting outdoor escapes, or seeking fragrant nuances, our diverse range caters to every creative endeavor.
  3. Decades of Mastery: With a legacy spanning over seven decades, we bring not just materials but the accumulated wisdom of generations, ensuring your creations withstand the test of time.
  4. Innovation with Tradition: At SSK, we marry tradition with innovation. Our products seamlessly blend modern needs with the timeless allure of rattan, offering a perfect balance for your creative pursuits.


At SSK Rattan Cane, we present more than materials; we offer you the key to unlocking boundless creativity. From the cricket field to the intimate corners of your living space, our rattan materials are designed to turn your visions into everlasting realities. Dive into the possibilities, embrace the versatility, and let SSK be your partner in crafting moments that linger forever.

Crafting Dreams, Weaving Stories – SSK Rattan Cane, Where Imagination Takes Center Stage.

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